Remote Job Interview Process

The ‘remote’ aspect of what we do is very appealing and attracts great people to us. Our top priority is culture fit and we usually introduce the new hire to the wider team as early as possible, if we feel they’ll be a good fit. We also rarely hire directly–we use contract-to-hire methods usually, and look to find a project where we can have a trial-run, before actually committing to hire a full-time employee. Before you fire away with your questions, tell the candidate that you’re already very familiar with their resume and cover letter.

  • We are firm believers in structured interviewing where we use the same set of questions at each stage so that the process is consistent for each candidate.
  • A strong internet connection to sustain the video streaming process is absolutely essential.
  • These virtual boards also made it easier for interviewers to go back and review the work if necessary before filling out the feedback for candidates.
  • There is a lot more that goes into being an effective remote employee.

Then, use those keywords in your resume and cover letter as well as during the job interview. In this final round, the candidate goes through a rigorous remote interview round before selecting the candidate for the onboarding process. To create a time management system that assures the interviewer follows an allotted time bracket on panning out the right questions based on each candidate. Two Easy to Use Exit Interview Templates Your company should aim to limit employee turnover. However, through the use of exit interviews, you can identify key areas of improvement in your company culture and leadership through the employee’s constructive feedback. Engaged employees are those who are committed to their jobs beyond the pay cheque. If the new hire is motivated by something bigger – they are more likely to overcome the challenges of remote work.

Conducting Interviews

It can also provide some insight into their productivity and efficiency in a remote setting. Traits like tenacity and being proactive are extremely valuable when you have team members working remotely.

remote interview process

Interviews do not need to be awkward or overly formal because of the pandemic. In-person interview experiences allow job seekers and hiring managers to get to know one another. Screens may separate us, but that shouldn’t dehumanize the experience. After all, dialing in from respective home offices should allow conversations to feel even more human and authentic. But, more importantly, while the remote hiring process for job seekers is in some ways the same as in-person hiring, you need to be prepared for the unique experience that is remote hiring.

Setting Up Goals Or Kpis For Technical Remote Interview:

When the remote interview is over, thank the candidate for their time, and tell them what’s going to happen next in the process and when they can expect to hear from you. If conducting a panel interview, share the agenda with all interviewers and confirm everyone knows what they’re going to ask, who’s asking the first question, the second, and so on. Or, if it’s to be a series of interviews, in what order they’ll meet the candidate, and what each team member will ask during their session.

When remote interviewing, your interviewees will be able to meet the hiring managers and potential teammates during video interviews, but they won’t have that in-person meet and greet experience. To give your candidates a more personalized introduction to your company’s culture and values, send them branded content.

How Would You Resolve A Miscommunication With Your Team?

And that means you’ll need an efficient way to sort through the mass of applications to find the people worth interviewing. In the past, we had all of a candidate’s interviews scheduled onsite for the same day at our SoundCloud office space. As we moved to a full remote work environment, we made all the interviews virtual. Virtual interviews made us more flexible, as we could spread the interviews across multiple days to better accommodate the availability of the candidates and interviewers. With tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, it’s now easier than ever to video interview a candidate. That means you can recruit candidates that live in a different timezone. Widening the candidate pool comes with numerous benefits like shortening the skills gap and also being able to world around the clock due to employees working from different parts of the world.

We found specifically that when candidates were nervous, they spoke faster meaning recruiters became irritable, and 38% of the time, interrupted candidates by asking them to slow down. By asking the right questions, you’ll gain more insight into candidates’ expectations and motivations. These are tailored to remote work to help you assess a potential new hire’s suitability for the remote environment. You’ll also communicate with them in a more reassuring way, so that each candidate feels they have an opportunity to make their case. You may assume, because you’re doing the interview at home, you can downgrade your appearance. Actually, whenever you’re interviewing for a position, remotely or otherwise, it is always essential that you dress for the company’s office culture. Highlight remote work as a job perk – Today’s job seekers want more than a salary, they also want great perks.

Assess Soft Skills, Hard Skills & Culture Fit

These findings can lead to valuable insights that will help you demonstrate the value you can add in the specific context of the organization. Your answers will seem more relevant, demonstrating remote interview process your understanding. But you’ll also stand out in the process by demonstrating your dedication and foresight. Your interviewer will be able to tell that you’ve put in the time to research.

  • Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to take a pre-employment test for a remote position.
  • For example, you can ask applicants if they have a required skill, a necessary license or certification, or if they’re available to work the hours needed.
  • For progressive companies, communication is one of the most important factors and helps to build a thriving company culture.
  • Understand that not all companies which have remote employees are thrilled about the concept.

As interesting and relevant as those examples may be, the goal is to keep the focus on your conflict resolution skills. “The employer wants to know whether you can recover if things break down,” Leech says.

When Working In A Team, What Role Do You Tend To Play E G Organizer, Leader, Creative?

When asked about screening candidates with pre-recorded interviews for entry-level positions, Malin Westman from Volvo Cars had a great example in mind. These questions will evoke the most telling answers and give you a clearer understanding of whether the candidate is suited to a remote position. If you have headphones with a built-in microphone, use the audio preview to make sure the device picks up your voice. Also, switch your device into Do Not Disturb mode a few minutes before the interview to reduce distractions from notifications. A clean background like a wall behind you and good natural light usually works best. As Scott says, interviewers don’t expect you to have a full office in your home, but they do want to see that you can switch from living-at-home mode to working-from-home mode.

remote interview process

With that familiar foundation to build upon, the only piece left is optimization. If you’re looking for professionals to expand your distributed teams, the Fiverr Marketplace can help you find top talent from around the globe. With everything from Web Designers to Digital Marketers, you can find the right people for the job in just a couple of clicks. When the camera’s on, hide the platform’s self-view feature so the candidate takes up the entire screen and your full attention.

Get Real About The Challenges Of Remote Working

We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered, or disclosed. In addition, we limit access to your personal data to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business need to know.

remote interview process

Explain that you don’t want to spend the time reviewing information already covered in their application. Instead, tell them it’s a two-way conversation to dig deeper into the job description and the candidate’s experience to establish whether the company and interviewee could be a good match for each other. For all interviews, especially international interviews, prepare for the problematic internet connection. Have a backup plan ready, such as cutting the video chat to reduce bandwidth or even transitioning to a phone call. And if you have to reschedule the interview altogether, try and give them grace.

If they have quick questions, I asked them to write me an email,” she summarizes. “Then I explained the purpose of the video interview.” Malin adds that she also did candidate assessments in addition to the video interviews, and ended up just meeting eight candidates in the final interviews. Malin explains that when hiring for CEO roles, she would receive many applications and it was important for her as a recruitment consultant to properly screen these candidates.

Instead, be open and communicate clearly the expectations for the job and what candidates can expect if hired. Ensure the candidate knows how long the interview will last and be respectful of their time. The middle of the day is often the busiest for many people, so try to set up the interview in the morning or afternoon.

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