Quit Smoking USB Rechargeable…

The tastes of the cartridges in the kit are not very good, https://jiji.ug/172-server-racks/server-rack they are a little bitter, I immediately ordered a bottle https://tonaton.ug/s_389-e-cigarettes of camel flavored dressing for it, so it is quite tasty. In general, the sensations are like smoking a hookah. When smoking, a lot of smoke is produced, the tactile sensations are not like from a cigarette, but rather like from a cigarillo – it’s a bit heavy all the same.
The package came as in the picture – 4 cartridges battery, atomizer, dummy and USB charging. https://tonaton.co.tz/s_37-drums Outwardly, it is very similar to what we sell under the PONS brand.

Quit Smoking USB Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette with 4-Refills (5V/Black)

sku 49210 1 In principle, even if it works for 2 months, then at this price it justifies itself =) The battery worked for me for a day without recharging, then I’ll see how it will be, it charges for about an hour.

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