Power supply based on RD DPS5005…

The kit from the box in the photo: DPS5005 module, USB adapter with cable, adapter and BT, instruction in English / Chinese.
The output is 250uF/50V plus a choke. The DPH5005 module provides output parameters up to 50V 5A when powered by a battery / source of 6 Volts (* there is a limitation, more details in the review itself).
A massive cooling radiator is installed on the power board.
And a comparison table for similar models of Step-Down modules. The latest versions of the modules have been improved, both in terms of circuitry and firmware. I would like to single out the possibility of connecting this module to a computer via USB or Bluetooth, which is especially important when using battery power.
PWM power transistor installed 2SJ652 (P-channel MOSFET 60V/28A). The module provides output up to 50 V and up to 5A (subject to sufficient power supply).
Address and contacts of the manufacturer. As the main component, I use the Ruideng Technologies DPS5005 programmable module, which is a Step-Down converter with controlled parameters (V, A, W with an accuracy of 0.01 units). But on the back there is an IN/OUT https://jiji.com.gh/296-shower-parts/brimix terminal block for connecting wires You cannot connect via USB and BT at the same time. The USB module with connection cable is inside. Ruideng Technologies (RD) is the manufacturer and seller of these modules.

Power supply based on RD DPS5005 50V/5A step-down controlled module (USB/BT version)

The STM32F100C8 controller controls all this, as in other modules. As for the updated RD DPS5005-C, now there are three versions: I’ll highlight two important points right away: the boards do not fit the old DPS5005 modules (which not the communication version), and the boards only work individually. A small overview of the DPS5005 controllable module from Ruideng Technologies. I will split it into two reviews. Well, he packs his parcels conscientiously.
The packaging is branded, there is a lot of information. – DPS5005 USB board, which means that the bundle includes a USB communication board adapter; Please note: The BT communication adapter is attached on the outside of the package. Following is a review of a similar DPH5005 module, but with the Buck-boost function of the voltage converter.
The DPS5005 module is a step-down converter consisting of three (!) boards assembled like a sandwich. – DPS5005 USB Bluetooth, which means both USB communication board Bluetooth communication Board adapters are included.
The USB adapter comes with a connection cable. There is a support email. d0e36b And the assembly of a battery power supply based on it. 746044 They are also sold on other marketplaces, but it is RD that provides full support, up to free components before repair (in previous reviews we talked about this). – just DPS5005 communication version (with the ability to connect a communication adapter, but without an adapter in the kit);
The BT adapter comes just in the package, no cable. There is only one connector on the module for connecting one adapter (!).
Inside the box is made of transparent thick film.
Just a few words about adapters. It will not be possible to disassemble the module without a soldering iron. The photo shows the current shunt.
Input steam capacitances are 330uF/63V. On the right side of the figure are two adapters for USB and Bluetooth communication. DPS5005 communication version external view. Nearby, a dual Schottky diode VF40100C (Dual High-Voltage Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifier) ​​is also installed on the radiator.
The package is not very large and weighs just over 130 grams.
Before the holidays are over, I’m posting from drafts an old idea about a portable laboratory power supply (LBP). The module comes instead of a postal package already in a large foam box, generously wrapped with tape.
Hello everyone! There is also a USB/BT remote connection option to control and monitor output parameters. Plus, the block is detachable When using, you will need to choose: either USB or BT. A small remark: there is a lot of information and impressions.
It fits very compactly in the case and looks like a display.

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