Mercedes-Benz reviews

Mercedes-Benz reviews

Mercedes 190

Despite the fact that the machine has been in operation for 20 years, there have never been any particular problems. But, unfortunately, the previous owner killed the car and did not follow it, so a lot of things had to be changed.

Mercedes 200

A car, or rather a car, is a fairy tale. I bought another Merc C180, traveled for a month, I didn’t have enough for more – a tin can. All potholes are given, on what you sit. It’s good that I didn’t have time to sell mine at 124 ku.

Mercedes 210 cargo.

Was 309, now 209 with 602 engine. What to say. If there is a pit, a canopy, a welding machine, a workbench, a set of tools and fixtures, and hands grow from where they need to, you can take it and shamanize slowly. For.

Mercedes 220

The car is cool! Comfort, reliability, confidence, easy handling, this car has everything you need to feel like a person on the road. Consumption in summer city-14 l/100 km, highway 9 l/100 km

Mercedes 230

Greetings to all motorists! Many friends say: why do you need this old Mercedes? And I answer: I do not need another car. Convenient and comfortable, unpretentious, easy to repair and maintain.

Mercedes 240

An unpretentious car for a leisurely ride. Outrageously reliable, moderate diesel consumption of any quality, unkillable engine and body. The speed of movement is 90-120 km per hour, it starts slowly but surely (.

Mercedes 250

The Germans after the war concluded that the equipment should be not only reliable but also repairable. Very reliable, practical, not expensive to maintain (most spare parts are cheaper than on the Prior), yes.

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