Magnetic screw holder for a screwdriver…

At an angle to the board, the self-tapping screw normally holds and does not jump off.
It is very important for drywall – a little overstretched, the hat went right through.
But the bits from the previous review do not fit into it, because double-sided and do not cling normally, they need a full-fledged screwdriver chuck for fixing: Since the tip of the PH2 bit protrudes only three millimeters from the nozzle, which is almost equal to the depth of the slot on the head of the screw, the nozzle will not allow the screw to be driven into soft material (wood or drywall) to a greater depth than necessary, and this happens all the time with ordinary bits, if the wrong torque is set on the screwdriver. The bit “clings” to this springy rim inside the holder with these grooves: Bit extension with holder and magnetic nozzle:
In general, this rig turned out to be a very difficult thing 🙂 and took its rightful place in my "home" collection of quality tools. It turned out to be really cool and at the same time a simple thing, almost like a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The cylinder itself is made of non-magnetic steel. There is a notch in the middle of the holder cylinder, for which it will become clear a little lower.
Confidently holds both thin self-tapping screws, 4.5 mm:
Continuing the theme of equipment from Makita started in this post:

That’s all. The right two self-tapping screws – tightening with a maximum torque without a magnetic nozzle, the left two – with a magnetic nozzle:
It is necessary to keep the bit from popping out during operation, which is what most “deshman” suffer from (learned a new word
in the last review from the comments :)) bit extensions. In nature, there is a Makita B-31893 Ultra Magnetic Driver Bit Set, 21-Piece, which includes this nozzle and a bunch of bits (not elongated): (after shooting, I realized that the purity of the experiment was somewhat violated by a magnetic bat, but if she introduced, then a small error in
"measurements" :)) I was thinking of ending this review, but then it dawned on me that there is another cool function of the magnetic nozzle. Makita B-35097 Impact Gold Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder.

How to deliver high-quality equipment and consumables for tools from the USA, I described in the last post, so I will not touch on this topic here. 18fe23
I decided to check at the maximum moment (drilling mode with a screwdriver), donated a bat. It arrived in this package: Video on it from Makita:
Don’t believe me? 🙂 Here is my video,
confirming it:
Now about the magnetic nozzle. On the review is a magnetic holder for bit self-tapping screws for an impact screwdriver (which is not does not limit its use with the most common shurikov). UPD: Answering questions from audience comments. Much stronger than conventional magnetic bits, which cling only to the "insides" of the slot of the self-tapping screw. The downside, probably, can be that, nevertheless, the diameter of the magnetic nozzle (16mm) can prevent it from working in narrow places.
I checked the standard bits from the Dewalt set: The magnet in the nozzle is very powerful, as the manufacturer clearly writes on the packaging:

Magnetic screw holder for a screwdriver.
I note that the shank of the bit is made using the same Torsion technology as the bits from the previous review and has a "twisting" zone to prevent destruction of the bit tip. On the reverse side of the "brief instructions" for use:

I decided to check this by “loading” the nozzle with the maximum amount of what came to hand:
The shank and cylinder of the bit holder are one-piece.
and large ones – 6mm:
An elongated bit from Dewalt also came up – it got caught in the holder with a shank: Consists of two parts. Made of durable plastic, a metal magnetic sleeve is welded on top: The guess is fully confirmed. Finally, a “third hand” has appeared, which is often so lacking, because. usually you have to hold the screw with your hand. I note that this accessory, unlike the Makita bits from the previous review, was made in China.
They sit very tightly in the holder, it’s really difficult to pull it out with your hands, even required pliers, perhaps more will be developed:
The "device" itself: Let’s see what this magnetic holder from Makita is (bought during the promotion period for $3.08) and what it is for. Inside the bit holder there is a spring rim:
The standard bit protrudes from the nozzle just enough so that it confidently fixed in the head of the self-tapping screw, but did not protrude further (do not pay attention that the bit is PH, but the self-tapping screw is PZ; , and there is no risk that he will fall. Hello everyone and good mood. Plastic petals on the nozzle on the reverse side have hooks that, when put on a metal holder cylinder, are fixed on a machined recess in this cylinder (which I will remind absolutely non-magnetic), and allow the nozzle not to jump off the cylinder and at the same time freely rotate on its axis without jamming:

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