The visual impact of a film is driven by the creative choices a cinematographer makes. So cinematography is not just about creating pretty images, it is about giving director’s vision a life. Each shot should tell story if not develop the story forward, should keep the audience engaged the entire time. A moment when audience realizes that the shot is beautiful or it’s just a movie then the work is not well done it lacks the consistency. To master the great visual storytelling, one needs sound knowledge about camera, lighting and their visual impact and of course, years of experience.


  • ✅ Detail knowledge of Camera and lenses
  • ✅ Gears used for Cinematography (Equipment eg. Tripod, ND Filters, UV filter, Polarize filter)
  • ✅Camera Rules
  • ✅ Detail knowledge of Exposure Triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture)
  • ✅ Reading Histogram (Shadows, midtone and highlights)
  • ✅ White Balance (Presets, Custom WB & Color temperature)
  • ✅ Types of Movements / Motion
  • ✅ Lighting
  • ✅ Camera angle and shot size
  • ✅ Framing and composition
  • ✅ Shooting in Green Screen
  • ✅ Tips and Tricks
  • ✅ Camera Handling and safety
  • ✅ Gimbal Balancing and Taking Shots
  • ✅ In Camera Transition
    ✅Slider use and create smooth motion
    ✅Types of Mic and camera setting for field sound

Important Points

  • Length of Course : 1 Month
  • Class Duration : 1.5 Hours/day
  • Shift : Morning & Day
  • Morning Time : 7 am to 8.30 am
  • Evening Time : 3 pm to 4.30 pm


  • Power point presentation
  • Sufficient Practice
  • Both indoor & Outdoor practical
  • Videowalk on Saturday
  • Discount Coupon for other courses
  • Unlimited guidance even after course completion
  • Parking Available
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