Basic Photography Training in Nepal

with Expert

Photography training in Nepal is one of the most sought training program.  Photography could be a passion for some and career option for some other people. 

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  • Camera is not compulsory
  • Slide show presentation for better understanding
  • Indoor, Outdoor and Night photography practical
  • Unlimited guidance ever after course completion
  • Class starts from very basic level
  • Photo Walk will be held on Saturday
  • Parking is available at premises
  • Discount coupon for other courses

What you will learn in this course ?

Detail knowledge of Camera and lenses

In this class you will understand types of camera their function, about lenses and you can decide what kind of camera best fits for you.

Types of Photography

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Gears used for Photography

In this class you will have knowledge about accessories (gears) used in photography like Tripod, ND Filters, UV Filter, Polarize filter etc. 

Exposure Triangle

In this class you will learn about Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO

Reading Histogram

You will learn to read highlights, Shadows and midtone in any photo. This helps us to get right exposure in our photo. 

White Balance

You will learn to use white balance presets, Custom White Balance and Color Temperature .

Dynamic Range

Long Exposure / Night Photography

Camera Angle and Shot Size

Framing and Composition

How to take and Edit Panorama Shots

Tips and Tricks

Camera handling and safety

How to use External flash light

Photo Editing using Photoshop

Other important points

  • Length of Course : 14 Days
  • Class Duration : 1.5 Hrs/day
  • Available Shifts : Morning & Evening
  • Morning Shift : 7 am to 8.30 am
  • Evening Shift : 5 pm to 6.30 am

Videos : Tips & Tutorials