Photography is an art of capturing the moment so that the moment can be stored and can be admired later. In this era, photographs have become the most reliable source of presenting a specific moment in specific location to the general viewer. So executing this art form more correctly also has become equally important. A good photograph draws viewers’ eyes to a point of interest meaning, a good photograph can show what the photographer wants to show. This is hard to achieve without a great knowledge in photography.


  • ✅ Portrait & Fashion Photography
  • ✅ Studio and outdoor portrait
  • ✅Studio Shooting with professional model
  • ✅ Light Theory and types of light
  • ✅ Light Modifiers
  • ✅ Pose and Body Language
  • ✅ Concept of Make up
  • ✅ Framing and Composition
  • ✅ Photo Editing (Lightroom and Photoshop)
  • ✅ Skin Retouch
  • ✅ HDR and Compositing

Important Points

  • Length of Course : 3 Weeks
  • Class Duration : 1.5 Hours/day
  • Shift : Morning , Day & Evening


  • Power point presentation
  • Both indoor & Outdoor practical
  • Photowalk on Saturday
  • Discount Coupon for other courses
  • Unlimited guidance even after course completion
  • Parking Available
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